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February 6, 2013
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Zufix by Ritzan Zufix by Ritzan
OC: Zufix
Trying a new style again : D
Style insperation from Disgaea
Character description for this OC added. I will do a propper Character reference later. But for now I'll post it here.

Age: 19

Length: 163

Weight: 48

Race: Shark Class:Thief

Element: Ice, Dark

Short information about the shark race: The idea I had is just like monkeys became human a long time ago in history. The shark people became like humans from sharks. They can be any shark type and the shark type they represent changes the skin colour. For example a white shark gives more light skin colour. But it's still blueish. They may also have skin marks, tail and special ears. Zufix represent a tiger shark.

About the shark kingdom: It is a big kingdom with a great Capital city "Shark city". At the main city of the Kingdom the popuplation is higher and the security is better.Zufix live more on the edge side of the shark kingdom in the closest part where the Orks live, that’s why the attacks are more frequentet, the orks can get in more easy withough getting killed because of the low security.

History: For some reason her mother couldn't take care of her and abandoned her when she was around 3 years... so another family found Zufix and took care of her just to not let her die while waiting for someone to pick her up.The time passed and turned into years but no one came for Zufix. So they adopted her as part of the family but could never threat her as a complete real part of the family. The family had two kids, one named Eiji who was almost never at home and another named Kijakia who truly loved Zufix as a fake sister.
When she just started school at the age of 10 the village got invaded by orks. The orks took a lot of shark kids from the village. As the shark kids were able to work underwater and the orcs needed to build search gold underwater in their own village. Also some adults were taken, but they escaped more easy.

A few weeks after she was caught an ork kid named Mog visited the catacombs where the slaves was, when he saw that Zufix looked worst than the other slaves, like if she was about to die. So he tried to give her some food, but his father named Rock told him to not thread slaves as equals, and drop the food on the floor. The same night Mog came back to bring some food and water for Zufix. Over the time they became good friends and talked a lot, he became the only company for Zufix and thaks to that relationship she was one of the few survivors when the building was finished around one year later.

when the underwater building was done, the Orc's was gonna get rid of the not anymore needed slaves. The orc kid Mog didn’t want zufix to die so he actually saved her, asking to his father if he could have Zufix as pet, to avoid suspicion. It became a long argument but they decided to let her stay as Rock was a higher ranked Ork, he had no troubles to have her as pet.

The days passed and Zufix and Mog came along very well. One day they went out on a trip outside of the village and suddenly they got in the patch of one hungry misserable beast. They started to run back to the village and managed to rickroll the best for a short time. But the beast soon got hes claws on Mog and he fell face down in the mud. Zufix stopped and started to throw rocks at the beast, but it jsut sneezed and roared at her. It was effective tho because the beast got its eyes on Zufix instead of the rightnow helpless Mog. Zufix climbed a tree and the beast rushed after her to take the tree down but she jumped onto another bigger tree. The beast then looked back at Mog to eat him instead of using energy to try kill the treehugging Zufix. Zufix took a sharp part of the tree and jumped down the beast to stop him. She managed to hit perfect on the head but got damaged herself too.
When some orks from the village arived after hearing the scream they herd the story Mog told about Zufix saving him from the beast and also they saw her with the bloody stick taken from the tree.
By then they wanted to recruit her in their military school. They mentioned the could not fight with the heavy weapons of the orcs so they had to ask a master thief who lived not too far from the village to teach her. He lived alone and did not own anything valuable so no one really cared about him. He also had some spare food from hes assasinations left over for the orcs to take.

When she wen't there she regognized he was also a shark, he taught her to steal, set up traps and also assassinate people. She was recently trained by him and he taught her to use claws, That’s how she became the class ‘’thief’’. Because she did not have good memories from the others of her own race she fitted very well with the orcs.
The orcs later got jealous of her agility and skills so they sent her on a killing mission. She encounted a demon, it was a hard fight but she managed to kill the demon and its here she gets the calws. Te demon was not a normal demon it was a cursed demon, so after killing the demon she gained her claws.
After this the Orcs didnt send her on any mission anymore. They didnt want her to die afterall. Through the years she lived well and after the training with the master thief she could handle her claws very well, but theres still alot more to learn.
Her best friend: Mog
Best childhood fried: Kijakia
Trainer: Thief Master

So it continued and Zufix lived with the orc’s until today when she’s 19.

Personality: Fast thinking, Loves saying funny words and use them randomly in a sentence, she’s not shy and she cares much about the people she love. She don’t give a fuck about others until she gets to know them and like them. People who once were mean= no mercy. People she don’t like, she really, DON’T LIKE. She often laugh at jokes but she doesn’t show the happiness very much. She tries to hide that shes smiling inside. Except that shes not a very mad person. She lives with what she have and don’t care about very much.

There’s no special power with her lost eye and not either with her demon arms and legs. They are used normal.
All shark races got gills. Zufix gills is on her neck.
She’s not very strong but she attacks fast and disappears and jump up behind the enemies.(learned from the orcs)
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